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Fix file cabinet locks

There are days when you have to be running around and having a lot to do in your hands. With all these come some unexpected incidents like having to deal with a broken file cabinet lock. Well this is not a cause to panic as the only thing to do is have is fixed or replaced. Changing file cabinet locks is not that difficult after all.

Replace broken office keys

I was opening my office and prepared to face the day’s challenge when my main entrance door key broke. An expert from Locksmith Lynnwood advised me to have the part of the key stuck in the door lock removed. I also had a locksmith change the lock to ensure security and safety. It was good that I had it fixed.

Don't forget to lock the windows

Most windows lock with simple latches and that's why many intruders find it easy to break-in through windows. Make their lives difficult by installing good locks and keep the windows closed if you are not in the same room. Intruders will come in even at noon.

Why Inspection is needed

There are instances in which problems get bigger because of poor maintenance. Thus, we suggest that you inspect your locks and keys every now and then. By then, it will be easier for you to fix smaller problems before they get big and costly.

Change the keys if they were lost

Key change is preferable when it's lost. When we lose keys, we don't know if they're stolen or just forgotten in our own office. If they're in the hands of strangers, home security might be compromised. So, rekey locks and get a new key just to be sure.

Lock maintenance tips

As with any household items, locks may suffer from the common wear and tear of regular use. Lock maintenance, which will help ensure that your locks will not stick and lock you out of your own home, simply requires a squirt of grease, graphite, or silicone spray. If the keys have become flat, you will need a replacement. Our locksmith experts in Lynnwood suggest that keys must be sharp to work at all times.

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