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Is there a difference between a transponder and an electric key?

The primary difference between the two types of keys, as explained by the professionals at Locksmith Lynnwood is that a transponder key has a chip that works by using radio frequency transmissions. On the other hand, an electric key uses a battery powered circuit board that sends a unique code signal transmission.

What are the common locksmith tools?

The common tools used by locksmiths are lock picks, plug spinners, and tension wrenches. Lock picks are essential locksmith tools. Picks are thin, flat, long piece of durable metal. Lock picks are used with the tension wrench. They can come in a variety of tips and shapes. Plug spinners are used in the process of picking a lock. The plug spinner can be used to rotate the plus inside the lock without relocking the device.

Is my front door secure?

Your front door will be secure if it's made of quality solid materials and is windowless. Of course, it's very important to install the greatest possible security door locks and make sure they are secured at all times. Remember that intruders break into homes during the day, too. You can also enhance the lighting around the entrance.

What is the function of tumblers on keys?

You will normally find these on cylinder locks. They are used in order to prevent the wrong key from being used to open the apparatus. Over time you may find that the tumblers lose their strength. You should then replace them expeditiously.

What kind of fire protection do safes offer?

There are plenty of models which are fire-resistant. The level of fire resistance is determined on the basis of how long the safe can protect its contents at a certain temperature. The longer the time is and the higher the temperature is, the better. Make sure that the safe's level of fire resistance is certified by an independent laboratory.

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