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Is Your Deadbolt the Right One?

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

It often takes an incident to occur before taking the right decisions. Wrong move! When it comes to matters related to security, never leave gaps or fail to make the right decisions. It might cost us everything we own or even have tragic repercussions to one of our loved ones. You never know how intrusions go. The point is to stop them before they even begin. The point is to keep intruders away from your home and totally discouraged to even approach your property. There are many things one can do to maximize the precautionary measures taken for higher security but never forget that the first priority is the proper choice of security door locks. So, do you have the right ones?

Take the right security choices

Ask yourself:

*   How long has it been since you last had your home locks replaced?
*   Do you ever maintain your locks?
*   Do you understand the true value of lock repair?
*   Do you truly choose the right deadbolts for all entrances of the house?
*   Do you have supplementary security systems installed?

These are just basics when it comes to security. The best systems you have in terms of resistance and high technology, the more intruders would be discouraged to even consider approaching your house. Do you have any idea why? They want to go in and out of their targeted house as fast as they can. They strive to work their way in the dark and don't like wasting time by trying to figure out how these new age bolts of yours work. Think of those things next time you plan lock replacement.

There are various locks such as simple door locks and high technology biometric ones. There is no need to exaggerate with next generation digital systems unless there is a need due to the size or remote location of the house, don't purchase cheap locks either. Although good bolts are not inexpensive, invest in the best you can. Don't take their price as the only factor in order to choose the right ones. Stick with their strength and capacity to resist kicking, drilling and other ways intruders use to break-in. The simplest residential locks will meet the grade 3 standards of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) but it's preferable for you to get grade 2 or even grade 1.

Proper deadbolt installation is equally important. Keep in mind two more things. You must remember that all entry points (and not just the back and front door) must have excellent deadbolts. Furthermore, keep in mind that the quality of lock installation plays a grand role to your security. When it comes to such matters, every little detail counts and quality is an essential factor.

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