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Common Key and Lock Damages

10/20/2013 Back To Blog

Your keys and locks are loyal friends and you certainly expect them to never betray your trust. This is very possible as long as you reciprocate the good behavior and take care of them with regular lock and key repair. In any other case, they will certainly fail you one day either of old age or external factors. The repercussions range from some troublesome moments to tragic situations and that's why it is recommended to deal with problems immediately or take action to prevent them from ever taking place.

The most usual problems

  • Old keys will stop serving you because as they grow in age, they will get worn and be useless for your door lockset. They may get rusty and there is a high possibility that they will break when you place them in the lock.
  • Old mechanicaldoor locks are affected by time as well as low temperatures and they won't allow the entrance of the key either.
  • The transponder key of your modern car may lose communication with the locks of the vehicle and the ignition car key of older designs may get distorted of old age, too.
  • Locks that have been picked and violated by intruders won't serve your needs any longer and you will have to proceed with lock replacement immediately.

Immediate solutions

The wisest thing is to take action before problems come up. If we exclude the possibility of a home invasion or the attempt of car theft, locks and keys will protect you for a number of years. Though, you must check them often and keep them in safe and clean places. The minute you detect any signs of rust on the key, you should not hesitate and proceed with key replacement. Taking care of problems will not only guarantee that you will escape any problems that may arise with troublesome keys and locks, but it will also give you the chance to install high security door locks for greater protection.

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